Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sugar High

So Halloween is officially over. Not that I didn’t expect you to know that, but it still kind of makes me sad. I am making sure I take the time to put everything away properly today since I actually made some of the decorations myself.

My favorite decoration is this egg sack looking thing. I got the idea out of a Martha Stewart magazine and I love they way it came out. (Yeah, I was totally shocked too. Her ideas are totally spiffy but usually turn out horribly. At least for me. )


Holden would NOT go trick or treating though. In fact, he was scared of his costume and would run from the room anytime I pulled it out. I can only hope that by next year he is a lot more willing and the costume will still fit. Though there is still no shortage of candy at my house since I had my friends bring a bag of candy each. At the time it sounded like a good idea, but now the house is overflowing with it. I also made cookies that no one ate. That’s right, NO ONE ate them. (WTF?) They are delicious and totally festive snicker doodles dipped in white chocolate.


Overall the night was good. What better way is there to spend a sugar high then with good friends and good times?


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