Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wired Pictures

So I stumbled across the idea for a memo wall at Poopscape Projects. (I know the name is cooky, but she has some cool ideas so check it out.)


I had tried something similar to hang art, but the weight was too much and the wire kept sagging in the middle so I decided to try this instead. I already had the hook clips and I spent less than four dollars for the eye screws and picture hanging wire combined. It only took me about five minutes to do as well. Here are her directions:

What you'll need:

• Picture hanging kit (that comes with eyelet screws and picture wire)
• Clips (I used some from Ikea, but any clips will do)
• Hammer

I decided that 5 rows would be sufficient for the wall I was dealing with. I measured 5" in from the corner of the wall, hammered in a guide hole for the screw, and screwed in the eyelet screw. I threaded some picture wire through the eye, wound it tightly and pulled the wire across the wall. I used a level to make sure the wire was straight, (if it isn't, all of your stuff will slide to one end) measured 5" in from the other edge and marked it. I screwed in another eyelet screw, wound the wire through the hole and tightened the eyelet as tight as it would go. I did this for the next four rows- each 7" up from the lowest one. And that's really all there is to it. This is a really good project for people like me who like to pin a lot of crap on the wall- you only make 8 small holes in the wall instead of 200.

I used a tack instead of a nail and it was just as easy. I also bought the eye screws and wire separately since the kits come with a lot of junk I didn’t need. She didn't specify the size wire so I bought the one that holds 15 pounds. It was the smallest one they had and I was able to cut the wire with scissors.

As you can see I only made three rows, but I think I might add a few more since there’s plenty of space.

I also have another pack of those clips hiding somewhere in the mess I call a house.

All in all I like it. I plan to eventually paint my hallway so I think I’ll just frame it out with molding so I don’t have to stress about painting behind the wires.

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