Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Don't be afraid to paint your furniture

When we went looking for an affordable stand to hold our television (our t.v. sat on the coffee table for almost a year) we decided to use a kitchen hutch as an alternative and less expensive option.

I never took a picture, but it looked kind of like the one on the right (only ours doesn't sit on the floor).

We found the hutch on craigslist for only $75 dollars. Since we have an old beat up Honda, we did have to rent a truck from Uhaul (a regular ford F150 is only $20 dollars for one day) but overall it only cost us about $100 dollars. Not bad considering we also gained extra shelving (from the top) in the basement to hold the serving dishes I don't use regularly.

Keep in mind: the hutch you pick needs to be deep enough to hold your television, the top needs to easily detach, and I recommend it having legs. Otherwise you might end up with a dresser like t.v. stand.

Once we found one that fit the bill, the only problem was the color. This weekend (about a year and a half later lol) I finally got around to painting it black and I am happy to say it turned out as lovely as I thought it would.

Originally I wasn't sure what color I wanted to paint it, but after I bought some cheap black bookcases from walmart (about $15 dollars a piece), I decided it would be easier to paint the one piece black instead of all three pieces some other color.

It was definitely the right choice.

I didn't take a proper before picture, but you can see part of the t.v. and one of the book cases behind Holden (we were finger painting, hence how messy he is).

Amazing what a little paint will do huh? Before my books just made the whole thing look cluttered and busy, but now it looks tied together and cohesive.

And really all I did to the bottom of the hutch was buy a $3 dollar can of spray paint, three new $2 dollar knobs, and viola...Awesomeness.

Once I painted the t.v. stand I knew I wanted to do something to the back of the book cases. Not only because they were obviously cheap and plain, but to help camouflage that horrible wood wall my landlord won't let me paint.

Fabric just seemed like the easiest solution.

I was originally looking for something white with hints of green and maybe blue, but I knew this was the right fabric when I saw it. Not only was it well within my price range ($6 dollars a yard) but it matched our dining room chairs we got from Ikea.

The most difficult part of this whole project was measuring and cutting cardboard to fit the back since I'm a totally dweeb and threw away the original backing that came with the book cases.

A little spray glue, some duct tape on the back, and a few nails later was all it took to transform the book cases. It's also really amazing how much more stable the book cases are with just the addition of some backing (we also added a L bracket to middle of each case for extra stability).

So for less than $150 dollars I have a pretty kick ass entertainment center. Just another prime example of why not to be afraid to paint your furniture.

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