Sunday, April 19, 2009

Altered Boots

If you're anything like me, you have at least a few purchases that make you wonder at just what the hell were you thinking. These boots are a perfect example. I had gotten them a few years ago, but they ended up just sitting in the back of my closet destined never to be worn. When they finally surfaced again, I realized that they had gotten a little beat up and decided to do something about.


I will walk you through what I did, but I must admit that the main hero here is hot glue and this isn't the most professional looking alteration in the world.

It works for me though and that's all the matters in my book.

So let's get started...

The first thing I did was cut the boot so it looked more like an ankle boot (there was a seam placed there so it seemed like a natural place to cut).

Then, instead of trying to sew through so many layers, I stapled the inner and outer layers together (the staples were gonna be covered so I didn't see a problem with it).

I used the extra material to cut out strips.

I then hot glued the strips around the top.

I simply folded it over and glued it on the inside as well. This gave the look of a finished edge without all the work.

Unfortunately these boots don't have enough give for me to just slide my foot in. Therefore, I had to cut a line so the zipper could work as usual. (I drew a pink line to show where I cut.)

I then decided to make two bows (using the cuff of one boot) based on a pair of boots I can't afford from Irregular Design.

All I did was separate the cuff, make the bows, and hot glue them on. I then reinforced them with a needle and thread (which was a pain in the ass).

And there you have it.

It wasn't easy to take a picture while wearing them, but you get the general idea.

All this cost was a few sticks of hot glue and a little of my time.

Proof that all things can be fixed with a pair of scissors and hot glue.

So cut something up. :)

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