Friday, April 17, 2009


I just finished Corambis by Sarah Monette and all I can say is, wow.

From Amazon :
The spellbinding conclusion to the brilliant fantasy series by the author of The Mirador and Mélusine.

Exiled from Mélusine for the crime of heresy, the once powerful Cabaline wizard Felix Harrowgate and his half-brother Mildmay, former cat-burglar and assassin, journey to Corambis to face judgment from a ruling body of wizards. Corambis, however, is a land plagued by civil strife. Kay Brightmore, the Margrave of Rothmarlin, is part of an insurrection to restore the monarchy in the southern half of the country. In desperation, Kay and his rebels seek out the engine of Summerdown, an ancient magical device rumored to have terrible powers. Once the engine is awakened, only a powerful wizard can stop its awesome potential for destruction. Felix and Mildmay arrive just in time for their greatest challenge—and ultimate destiny…

Stand Alone/ Series: This is the fourth, and final, installment in the Doctrine of Labyrinth series.

Why did I read the book: I've been a fan of Sarah Monette since I picked up Melusine. I flew through each book in less then a day and then waited anxously for Corambis to be release.

Review/ Thoughts: This book is just plain great.

In the previous books, Sarah Monette really took the time to flesh out these characters, the only problem seeming to be Felix.

While Mildmay continued to grow and change, Felix became even more irritable, selfish, and just plain mean.

So this book is very much about Felix coming to terms with his own behavior.

Even though this book had less action, the character growth was phenomenal and extremely satisfying.

When Mildmay became sick and was no longer able to take care of everything, Felix took control of things and really came to the rescue (in his self loathing way of course).

I’m not gonna say much about the overall plot because it relies too much on the previous books, but I definitely recommend this series to everyone.

Verdict: Even though I didn’t really care too much for how much time the author gave to the new character Kay, I thought this book was the perfect ending to a great series.

It wasn’t overly cheesy or have the “Happily Ever After” ending some authors feel the need to write, but it was very satisfying none the less.

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