Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

This is so easy and has been done so many times, I feel kind of silly posting about it.

But what the hell…here is an easy way to make a cork board look ridiculously cute.

What you'll need:

Cork board ($3 dollars a thrift store)
Frame you like (only $1 dollar at thrift store)
Spray paint (I bought the cheep can for less then $2 dollars)
Fabric (only $2.50 a yard)
Spray Glue


1. I picked up this framed puzzle picture at the thrift store because I liked the frame (plus it was only a buck), but as you can see it is a little smaller then my cork board.

So the first step was to cut the cork down to size.

I used the board the puzzle was glued to as a guide for where to cut. A few passes with a utility knife, and I was good to go.

2. At this point you're gonna want to spray paint the frame you've chosen. I painted mine red, but obviously any color will work.

3. Once your board is the correct size, apply a thin layer of spray glue to the cork and lay down your fabric.

I used a few strips of duct tape on the back to hold the fabric in place, but you can use a staple gun or a glue gun if you like.

5. Put the fabric covered cork into the frame, and you're good to go.

Isn't it adorable?

The color choices are endless so don't be afraid to make some bold choices. You can always change it out if you don't like it or want something new.

Little Tip: I think that picture frames are one of the best items to get from thrift stores. I always scope out the section and pick up one or two frames while I'm there. Even if they don't match perfectly, with a coat of black spray paint (or any color) they will all look cohesive.

I've saved tons of money this way.


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  2. Oh man. This is SO COOL. Your finished corkboard looks amazing and I now totally want to go frame-shopping at a thrift store.