Monday, June 8, 2009

Shrink Film/Plastic Jewelry

If you’ve never tried using shrink plastic, then you need to right away. I first got the idea after seeing a tutorial on Poopscape Projects and now I can't seem to stop.

The first thing I tried to make was a pair of earrings. Even though they didn't turn out too great, it was good practice and as good a place to start as any.

What you'll need:

Shrink Plastic (from the craft store)
markers or color pencils (good quality smooth-blending ones like Prismacolors work really well)

Keep in mind that Shrink Plastic can shrink 30 to 50%. You’re gonna want your image to be a lot larger then what you’re hoping the end product will result in.

Just look at my pictures:

The size difference is HUGE.


This really couldn’t be simpler. The first time I tried this I bought regular clear shrink plastic. (This means you can’t use it in your printer, and you need to sand the surface if you are planning on using colored pencils.)

All I did was print out the image I wanted to use, in this case two pin up silhouettes, and traced them onto the plastic with a black sharpie.

Then I cut out the image and punched a hole in the plastic (with a regular hole punch) so I would have someplace to attach the jump ring.

Next, put the Shrink Plastic in an oven or toaster oven (on a piece of parchment) at the recommended temperature, mine was 300 degrees Fahrenheit, for two to three minutes. You will be able to tell it is done since the plastic will curl up some and then flatten out. Once that happens wait about 30 seconds and then pull them out.

Larger pieces will curl more and I’ve found it easiess to use a piece of parchment paper, folded a bunch, to flatten the object as soon as you pull it out of the oven. (If you try this and the parchment sticks, don’t mess with it for a minute and once it has cooled a little the paper will come right off. Don’t pull too much.)

After your plastic has cooled, all I did was add a protective coating using a spray sealer and add the earring hardware.

It's seriously that easy.

Once you get a hang of using the Shrink Plastic, I recommend trying all different types. My favorite one has to be the plastic specially made for your inkjet printer.

The options are endless and I’ve made all sorts of things from this stuff.

Here are just two examples of different things I've made:

You can find Shrink Plastic at any craft store or here online.

You can also use regular #6 plastic (like the to-go containers a lot of take out places use- just check the bottom for the number 6 surrounded by the arrows). You can find directions for it at the Poopscape link the top.

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