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The Seer and the Sword

Title: The Seer and the Sword
Author: Victoria Hanley
Genre: YA Fantasy

Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Publishing Date: April 8, 2003
Hardback: 340 pages

Stand Alone or series: Stand Alone.

Summary: (from goodreads)

Legend states that there exists a mighty sword that makes its possessor invincible to his enemies. But there is a curse on anyone who lifts the sword for conquest. King Kareed of Archeld goes after this sword anyway, winning it from the King of Bellandra. When he returns home from battle, he brings his daughter, Princess Torina, two special gifts. One is a unique crystal, in which she can view visions of the future. The other gift is the defeated king’s son Landen, who is to be her slave. Torina immediately releases Landen, who becomes a member of the King’s army and her close friend.
But trouble is lurking in the kingdom of Archeld and people are accusing Landen of plotting against the King. Torina refuses to believe he would hurt her family. Then Torina begins seeing deadly visions in her crystal. Can she save her father’s life and the future of her kingdom?

Review: I loved this book.

This book really has a lot to offer its readers; fantasy, political intrigue, coming of age, and even a budding romance. The characters Torina and Landen are okay on their own, but together their just lovely.

Overall, the friendship between Torina and Laden is very sweet. Even though their eventual romance is pretty obvious and expected, I still found myself waiting for them to get tpgether. The fact Hanley switches between their POVs was also interesting and well done. It gave a sort of interconnectedness some books lack.

Notable Quotes/ Parts: I loved the saying Landen used to clear his mind, “The present moment is everything. The moment is vast.” It taught to him by his father and I thought it was poignant.

Verdict: Great story. It was fast paced and it was nice knowing, that for once, the story would actually have an ending (series books can be daunting sometimes).

The only problem I really had with this book had to do with secondary characters. Not only were a lot of them looked over, but they were also either good or bad with little room for shades of grey. The “bad” character weren’t sympathetic in any way and the “good” characters were almost too good.

Other then that though, the book was great.

Rating: 8

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