Monday, August 24, 2009

Peacock Butterfly Hair Clip

I saw this bad ass hair clip at Topsy Turvy Design and I just knew I had to make my own:

Isn't it lovely? At $23 dollars it's really reasonably priced, but for me most of the fun is in making things myself.

What you'll need:
4 peacock feathers
A gem or stone (for the body)
Hot glue gun
Alligator clip
Small piece of felt
Small gems


1. Pick out 4 peacock feathers. It doesn’t matter if they’re all the same size, but you do want the top two and the bottom two to be as similar as possible. I just picked my feather up from the craft store. There cost $2.99 a piece, but some bags come with two feathers.

2. Cut your feathers down to a more reasonable size. This is the size I started with but I had to trim some more length off so they could all fit properly on the gem. Remember – you can always cut more off later.

3. Place them and glue on your gem. As you can see from the back, I also glues on two pieces to look like a butterfly antenna. At this point you can glue of any extra pieces as a filler, or spread your feathers out in any way you like.

4. Glue on a small circle of felt onto the back to clean everything up. I just used an extra gem as a template and then cut my piece of felt a little smaller.

5. Glue on an alligator clip. You’re gonna want to make sure you glue on your clip in a way where you press on the gem to open it. If you center it, you will have a hard time opening it since you’ll have to put pressure on the feather its self (I learned the hard way).

6. Then all that’s left is to trim it in a butterfly-like shape. I also used some hairspray to shape the pieces a little bit.

As you can see I also glued on some small gems I had left over from another project onto the feather.

And that's it.

Even though it's a tad big, I got to say I love it.

Update: I wore this last night in the back of my hair and it was a huge hit. :)

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