Monday, November 9, 2009

Faith21 dresses and boob woes

I am loving this dress from Faith21:

I can deal with the short length, but wtf is up with the tiny top? I know it would be impractical to make every item fit my humongous breasts, but can I get an extra inch? It wouldn’t be so bad if only one or two items were tiny on top, but I have boob issues with almost every item in the Faith21 line.

You’d think a plus size line would give a little more room for breasts, but I literally can’t zip up (in the bust area) any dress that doesn’t have stretch in it. It’s getting kind of irritating and I don’t understand why it’s such an issue here but not anywhere else.

Look at the side by side difference of this dress compared to something from Torrid:

Tip: these should be your measurement guidelines Faith21.

And I know there are a lot of people out there who likes things short (and I’m actually one of them). My problem with Faith21’s dresses is the short length is made even worse with washing or with having a pair of breasts. (There have been many dresses I would have bought but my boobs made the short dress just too short to wear comfortable. And by “comfortable” I mean confident that I’m not flashing my hoo-haw to the world.) I just don’t want to have to wear a white t-shirt under every damn piece of clothing I own.

Wow, I didn’t really plan on this post being a rant about my boob woes at Faith21. I’ll probably get the dress anyways since it has the perfect amount of sparkly and that shade of blue is magical. Faith21 is planning on expanding to 3x so maybe the larger size will be more accommodating and can just be altered wherever it needs it. (Though one does get tired lengthening straps and hemming things up.)

I love that Forever21 decided to expand their sizes, but I think the Faith21 line has a long way to go.

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