Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gift Ideas

Tis the season for random gift ideas to be sprinkled across the internet for those who have a hard time deciding what to get people for Christmas.

(I got to admit I’ve never had that problem. Gift buying is super easy for me. My biggest problem has always been low fundage, but beyond that I’m golden.)

With that in mind, I decided to post some gift ideas that I think are pretty awesome. You won't see any cashmere scarves on these lists - but who honestly wouldn't want a model of the anatomy of a pig?

Left to Right:Pizza Boss ($14.99), Herb growing taterpots ($11.99), Grenade Screwdriver Kit ($8.00), Bone Chiller ($5.99), 3D Swine Anatomy Model ($38), Mp3 retro guitar-amp ($17.99), Bungee Bird Feeder (£7.50), Wall and Piece ($24.99)

Left to Right: Labratory Flower Vases ($14), The Better to Bond You With ($15.99), Polaroid notes ($14.95), Dog Coasters ($21.95), DigiDude tripod ($24.99), Punk Suspenders ($12.50), Holga ($75), Red Alert Robot Alarm Clock ($52.99)

Left to right: Incredible 3D Doodle Kit ($8), Magic Garden ($10), Space Food Sampler ($19.99), Hanging Harry Light Pull (£7.50), Undercover Camera ($34.99), ABC 3D Pop Up Book ($14.99), Inflatable Fruit Cake ($7.99), Murder Ink Sticky Notepad & Pen ($7.99), Holy Toast Bread Stamp ($3.99), Kawaii Bacon Air Freshener ($2.99), Circuit boards business card case ($19.99)

As you can see most of these gifts are small and inexpensive. I did that on purpose since it seems it's the office/book club secret Santa gifts with a price limit are always the most difficult to shop for.

And let's be honest with one another, this is all mostly just stuff I'd like to own myself and a nice way to pass some time on a sleepless night.

You’re welcome.

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