Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Brief Explanation

I figured I should put a post up about this blog so people don’t see just a blank page. As of now, I will not be posting here. I merely wanted to save the url address to be honest.

The name “Sunshine and Bones” actually comes from my friend Jennifer and a summer we both worked at a church day camp. Instead of using our regular names, we decided as a group that all the counselors would use nicknames instead. Around this time (I was fifteen I believe) a neighbor had started calling me “sunshine” and that’s what I went by. Jennifer’s nickname was “bones” because of her insatiable love for Bone Thugs N Harmony. It’s as simple as that.

I always imagined a day when Jennifer and I could work together on some project. I think most teenagers do this at some point, but I could really see us doing something creative together (at the time I thought t-shirt printing or jewelry making). I still harbor these hopes. The name is also a good representation of how I feel about life and the direction I want to move in (in regards to the things I create).

And let’s be honest, it is catchy.

For all those reasons I plan on going by the name “Sunshine and Bones” when I finally start to sell stuff again. In preparation I saved this url and hopefully one day there’ll be more to look at here then this simple post.

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