Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Name. New Look.

As you can see things look different around these here parts. I spent more time today then I’d like to admit giving this blog a much needed update. While the old template had the benefit of being silly, I really prefer a much cleaner look to my blogs.

You will also notice that my blog has a different name. Essentially, what I did was combine a blog I had called Sunshine and Bones (which I wasn’t actually using and was merely holding the url) with artful illusions. Not only do I like that my url address now matches my title, but I think it’s a bit silly to have my fingers in so many pies.

Hopefully, after the initial confusion everything will work much better.

And in case anyone is interested, the name “Sunshine and Bones” actually comes from my friend Jennifer and a summer we both worked at a Salvation Army day camp. Instead of using our regular names, we decided, as a group, that all the counselors would use nicknames instead. Around this time (I was fifteen I believe) a neighbor had started calling me “sunshine” due to the outrageous amounts of glitter I would wear all over my face. Seriously, my head was like a disco ball and I'm surprised people could stand to see me out in the sun light. As you can probably guess, Jennifer’s nickname was “bones.” Not for any particularly scandalous reason, but because of her insatiable love for Bone Thugs N Harmony. It’s as simple as that.

I always imagined a day when Jennifer and I could work together on some project. I think most teenagers think along these lines at some point, but I could really see us doing something creative together (at the time I thought it would be t-shirt printing or jewelry making).

I still harbor these hopes to be honest.

Beyond that, I also think "Sunshine and Bones" is a good representation of how I feel about life and the direction I want to move in (in regards to the things I create). And let’s be honest, it is pretty catchy.

So, for all those reasons I plan on going by the name “Sunshine and Bones” for now on.


  1. i remember those days plus ur mom has always called u sunshine.