Friday, April 16, 2010

Bowtie Necklace

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any crafts so I decided to make this Bowtie Necklace yesterday.

The nice thing about this project is that most of the supplies are one’s people will have on hand (at least if they craft). In fact, I had everything on hand myself. Plus the project is very versatile. While the original tutorial was for a leather bowtie, any fabric/material can be used instead of leather. I used this fake vinyl looking stuff that I had bought a while ago at Joann’s. (I also saw one made out of corduroy and I thought it looked extra spiffy.) You can also make the bow as big or small as you like.

Bowtie Necklace


A strip of material (around 4x1"), plus a smaller strip for the front of the bow
Some jewelry chain
A clasp
Jump rings (I used the middle sized one that come in a variety package)
Jewelry pliers or something to close the jump rings (I use scissors most of the time)
Glue (I used hot glue)
Large needle


1. Cut out your strip of fabric. Since it seems to be impossible for me to cut a strait line, I used a piece of painters tape as a guide. You can also see by my picture that my piece of fabric is smaller then 4 inches. I would like to claim that I just wanted a smaller bow, but the reality is I wasn’t paying attention. No worries though.

2. Cut the corners off of both sides. This will get rid of some of the excess fabric and make the bow lie more smoothly. It doesn’t have to be perfect since you won’t see it.

3. Put a small bit of glue in the center and fold both sides to meet in the middle. You’re gonna want to be careful with the amount of glue you use since hot glue is really rigid when it dries and can make it difficult to get your bow shaped properly.

4. Pinch your strip into a bow shape. If you want you can place little dabs of glue into the folds on both the front and back to hold it in place. Since my bow is so small the chance of me burning myself was exponential so I didn’t bother with it. Then you’ll want to run a small line of glue down the center of the smaller strip and wrap it around the bow.

Cut off any extra length in the back.

5. Using a needle, poke a hole in each side of your bow at the fold. You may need to run your needle through the holes a couple times to get it really defined. I pretty much jump at any chance to use my big upholstery needles, but they were way too big for my little bow.

I may or may not have taken this moment to use my upholstery needle as a light saber.

6. Insert jump rings on each side of the bow.

7. Measure out how long you want your necklace to be. I just used the measurements of a necklace that I liked the length on. Now you’ll want to cut your chain. The original tutorial says to cut your chain and then essentially cut away where you want the bow to be. But since I didn’t want to waste any chain, I just cut my chain a little over 3 inches shorter then the length I wanted in order to compensate for the bow. Then I just cut the chain where I wanted the bow to sit.

8. Now attack your chain to the bow. You can use separate jump rings or just slide them through the ones attached to the bow.

9. Use another pair of jump rings to attach the clasp to your necklace.

10. Now you can stop there, but as you can see I decided to add another chain to my necklace. I use an old necklace I had lying around so the chains wouldn’t match exactly, but whatever you want to do is up to you (obviously).

All I did was attach the second chain to the bottom jump ring of the bow and then slid the other end through the jump ring for the clasp. I think it just adds a little something and I am hoping the extra chain may help the bow stay where I want it.

-via Adventures in Dressmaking

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