Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 DIY Photography Tips

I've been a bad blog mistress. It's finals week and I've been pretty stressed over my history final. Luckily I'm a champ and everything worked out fine, but I still have my last round of finals today.

Then I'll be free to waste as much time online as I like. *inserts maniacal laugh*

88.365 - Happy Bokeh Camera Wednesday, originally uploaded by Jeff the Trojan.

Anyhoo, I came across this interesting article featuring ten DIY projects for photography equipment that I wanted to share. Some of them seem a little silly, but I also think I will be doing one or two of them myself. Plus, I think it's a nice way to remind us all to try and think outside the box.

"Top ten DIY photography tips" can be found here. Check it out.

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