Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cleaning Your DSLR Camera Lens

If you're anything like me, the idea of cleaning your camera lens is a bit frightening. It is the type of practical thing I wash my photography class would have covered, but unfortunately didn't. Because of that, I turned to the interwebs for advice.


Important things to note:

1. Don't get carried away. Clean your lens when it's dirty, but not regularly (like everyday).

2. Your camera lens has a special coating on it so don't use any kind of glass cleaner or anything other then a cleaning fluid that is specific for camera lenses.

3. Don't use "canned air" or compressed air spray cans. The propellant can sometimes come out (in drops or spray) and it will damage your lens coating. You can find camera safe blowers at any photography store.

4. Any cleaning tissues you use should specify safe use for camera lenses. Plain old nose tissues will be much too rough for your lens and can scratch. If you use a cleaning cloth, make sure it is a microfiber. Also make sure it's clean (obviously).

This video is great in my opinion:

After reading some different articles and watching this video, I decided to go with a lens pen instead of cleaning fluid. (The lens pen and the fluid were both around $9 dollars.)

As you can see by this first picture, my lens was smeared up pretty bad:


After using the brush and then the pad side of the lens pen, my lens is a thousand times better. The lens pen got rid of almost all the smudges with minimal effort. I love that the lens pen is also small enough to carry with me if I want to. Seriously, I cannot reccomend one enough to everyone out there.

I also decided to buy a UV lens filter for added protection for my lens. I haven't really had the chance to see how the lens effect my pictures yet, but I feel pretty confident that everything will be fine.

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for these Photography tutes. I've been reading Sunshine and Bones for a while but only discovered your political blog, and this photo section today, and I have to say I love them! I have a new Canon Rebel and have been trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing with it, so it's been helpful!

  2. Yay! I felt a bit silly posting about something I'm definitely not an expert on, but I'm glad to hear you found it useful. I adore my canon rebel.

    And I'm glad you found Random Thoughts. I'm a bit all over the place. lol