Monday, July 26, 2010

Drugstore Makeup

Since the time I started wearing mascara and light eye liner in ninth grade, I've been a bit enamoured with the magic of makeup. I just adore the way makeup turns our faces into canvases and I like having the ability to express my mood in another medium. My eye shadow is practically a mood ring and I don't buy into the idea makeup should be "natural" looking or undetectable. If that's what makes you happy then go for it, but I like my eyeliner dark and my eye shadows bright. So while it may seem kind of random that I want to talk about makeup for a second, if you ever met me you wouldn't think it odd at all.

There are a few things I've gotten from ebay, like eyeshadow palettes, but most of my makeup comes from the drugstore. This is mainly because I'm poor, but also partly cause I'm cheap. One of the biggest problems I've had, was finding a good drugstore foundation though. After hearing a lot about the new Revlon Photo Ready foundation on youtube I decided to give it a go. Since Rite Aide was having a sale on Revlon products, I picked up both the Photo Ready and Revlon Colorstay.

By themselves, the Photo Ready and the Colorstay both have pros and cons. Together though? Magic. Somehow all of the good aspects of each foundation shines through and the less then good aspects are cancelled out.

With the Colorstay foundation, you have to apply it quickly and I've heard some complaints about it being cakey. My biggest issue is that it feels heavy on my face and I don't like that (plus the smell is kind of weird). But when you mix in the lighter and smoother feeling Photo Ready these issues disappear. On the flip side, one of the major complaints people have of the Photo Ready is the finely milled shimmer that's in it. While inside and/or in anything other then direct sunlight the shimmer makes your skin look "dewy," but in direct sunlight the shimmer can be too noticeable. Mixing in some of the Colorstay keeps the shimmer under control though. See a pattern? Mixing these two foundations has given me the most perfect foundation that is light and smooth, but also provides good coverage without being too heavy. Seriously, perfection.

And since I'm talking about drugstore makeup I love, I should probably mention L'Oreal Voluminous mascara. It is one of the most amazing mascara I've ever used and I find myself buying it over and over again.

You know how some mascaras that say "waterproof" aren't really all that waterproof? Well this stuff is. You might want to invest in a sandblaster to get this shit off - or some good makeup remover at the very least. (I don't even want to think how much soap it would take to get it all off.) The good thing about that though, is that means it won't smudge. And no one likes smudging. Except maybe Courtney Love, but that's a whole other can of worms.

Anyways, if you have thin crappy lashes like me, this will be your life savior. Scouts honor.

And on a worse note, Maybelline Ultra Liner is the worst liquid eyeliner ever. It dries shiny and flakes off when you try to apply another coat (we're talking within minutes of applying the first one too, not later in the day). I've used Maybelline liquid liners since a teenager, but this stuff is crap. Complete crap.


  1. Might invest in the mascarra...

    I wear a moisturiser and a tinted moisturiser, both from Body Shop. I don't actually wear foundation cos I have really good skin and I'm paranoid it would clog it up.

    As for eye make-up, I'm tempted to post a how-to. I love smoky eyes and lots of eyeliner, but I also loved being bright blue for a while. Pink is something I just can't get to work though, which is annoying!

  2. I have nice skin too (though it is dry), but I have really pink cheeks so I have to wear foundation or I look flushed. Like I've been running or something. lol I tend to wear smoky eyes more often in the winter and brighter shades in the summer. And I can do pink but not blue (teal is good though). Funny how that works.

    Do you follow any makeup gurus on youtube?

  3. ive been buying that mascara for years, but for some reason i always buy the newest one out on the market try it for a couple days hate it and then use the rest of my voluminous, its the best by far!

  4. Ha! I am the same way. Even though I love Voluminous, I am always tempted to try any new mascara that comes out. I have no idea why.