Thursday, August 5, 2010

Anklet/Shoe Harness DIY

I feel silly calling these anklet things "shoe harnesses" but I can't think of a better way to explain them. What really matters though is how ridiculously easy this project is. I'm not gonna lie, getting the chains to fall the way you want can be quite tedious. But beyond that, this project requires minimum effort.

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Anklet/Shoe Harness DIY


Chain, in at least two different sizes (mine cost $3.99 each)
Jump Rings
Jewelry pliers

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1. You are going to want to start with an anklet. You can use one you already have (as long as it has a place where you can add a jump ring on each side) or you can just measure out a piece and add a clasp. Easy peasy.


2. Start measuring out the way you want your chains to drape. There's really nothing difficult about this, but I did find it easy to do both at the same time so I could ensure each anklet/shoe harness would be even.


3. Now you'll want to attach your chains to your anklet using a jump ring. I found it looked better if they were attached a little closer to the back instead of exactly in the middle on each side (I hope that made sense).

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4. After your chains are attached, this is what you'll have. At this point your anklet part of the shoe harness is done.


5. If you plan on wearing heels and want a little something extra (I'm all about the little something extra), then make two smaller sets of chains to add to the back. I know mine look pretty even, but I ended up making two of the chains much longer so I could easily fit them over my heel. After you measure out what you want, apply a jump ring and a clasp to each side.


6. Then apply another jump ring to the jump rings you added to each side of your anklet.


7. You can now clasp your harness onto your anklet.


By adding the clasps on both sides, you can remove the harness part when you're wearing flats (or you can just move your harness chains to the front) and easily thread your chains over your heel.


As you can see my chains in the back need some adjusting, but the jump rings make it easy to do just that.


There you have it. I'd like to add a large star or something to the front, but we'll see.


  1. They look amazing & I have to say I LOVE the shoes :D x

  2. Thanks! I got them at payless for like $15 bucks a few years ago. lol