Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bean and Queso Burgers

Two recipes in a row without chicken? This is a veritable miracle right here! Okay, so maybe it's not that amazing, but I do love me some chicken. And although I've mentioned quite a few times I'm not a big fan of hamburgers, hamburgers made with taco seasoning mixed in is one of the few ways I do enjoy a burger. The taco seasoning adds a lot of flavor and a bit of spiciness that I really like. This dish was inspired by Noble Pig and I was quite glad to ignore my inner nutritionist and jumped right into queso cheese eating heaven.


If you are unsure about how much taco seasoning to use, then I would start with less. You can always add more next time. (You should be safe with about half a packet per pound of meat though.)

Would I make this again? The burger is already a family favorite and cheese and beans make almost everything better in my opinion so yes.

Bean and Queso Burgers


1-2 pounds ground hamburger meat
1 packet of taco seasoning
Queso cheese or any nacho cheese you prefer, warmed
Refried beans, warmed
Tortilla chips, crumbled
Hamburger buns


1. Mix taco seasoning and hamburger meat in a large bowl. Shape patties and cook using your preferred method. (I like to brown mine on the griddle and then toss then in the oven for about ten minutes to finish cooking. Fell free to grill them up though.)

2. Dollop queso cheese on the bottom of the hamburger bun and place cooked patty on top. Place a scoop of warmed refried beans on top of the patty. Add additional queso cheese on top of the beans if you want. Finish the burgers with some tortilla chips (I used Doritos).

Serve immediately.


  1. These look fantastic.

    I actually don't like chicken much, but I love me some burger!

  2. Thank you! How can you not like chicken?! It can taste like anything you like. Most of my issues with other kinds of meat is texture. lol