Thursday, September 23, 2010

Never Let Me Go

I saw a preview for the movie Never Let Me Go on t.v. the other day and I thought it looked adequately depressing.

In case you don't know, Never Let Me Go is a book by Kazuo Ishiguro. While the book has a dystopian vibe, the story is very much about the friendship between the main characters. Even though it becomes evident that something is off about the school and the way these kids are treated right away, you don't really get a sense of what is fully happening until later into the story.

And that is my main problem with the movie trailer. I guess it is to be expected, but I feel like I've watched the movie after seeing just the trailer. Oh well though. I found the book pretty depressing and, while good, not as incredible as some people seem to think. Books are funny like that. Hopefully the movie will be good.


  1. My boss (who has read the book) was surprised at how much they gave away during the trailer. From my understanding, it pretty much ruins it for you. I still haven't watched the trailer for that exact reason. I'm hoping the movie is good. The book was highly recommended to me by my boss.

  2. i read this book and cried so hard i had to hide in my room for hours because i have a really ugly crying face.

  3. Solangel: the books was very good IMO. I just didn't think it was amazing, but I would still recommend it to anyone.

    Danielle: Ha! I suffer from the same problem. Plus I cry really easy when reading or watching movies (which is odd cause I rarely cry in my real life). There are some movies I refuse to see in the theater cause I know I'll be a hot mess by the end.

    This book made me cry like crazy too.