Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sonic Inspired Chicken Sandwich

This recipe, as the title clearly states, was inspired by the Chicken Toaster Sandwich from Sonic. For those of you who don't live by a Sonic, let me apologize for all the deliciousness you are missing out on. Before we moved to Utah I had never even seen a Sonic, so I know your pain. If only for the yummy fruit drinks in the summer, Sonic would be near and dear to my heart. What can I say? I'm an easy gal to impress.

This is actually a super easy dish to make. I didn't use a recipe and I just made the sandwiches the way I would want to eat them. If you would rather have less chicken (it can be kind of hard to eat this) or don't want to deal with pounding out your chicken breasts, then use chicken cutlets. My grocery store carries them, but you can also simply cut your breasts in half yourself if you want. Sonic usually puts honey mustard on their sandwich, but I left mine plain. (I love honey and I love mustard but I'm not a big honey mustard fan. Weird.) Ryan used ranch, but I also think a little buffalo sauce would be tasty. As always, do what makes you happy.

Also, sorry for the random junk in the background of the pic. Just focus on the bacon. I always do.

Would I make this again? Most definitely.

Sonic Inspired Chicken Sandwich


2-4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves (either pounded flat or cut into cutlets)
8 slices of bacon
4 slices of cheese
Seasoning of choice (I used lemon pepper)
8 slices of thick Texas toast style bread


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

1. And arrange the bacon in a skillet over medium to medium-low heat. Cook the bacon until crispy. Drain on paper towels and discard all but a tablespoon of the bacon fat.

2. Season chicken on both sides with lemon pepper or grill seasoning. Add the chicken to the hot pan and cook until nice and brown on each side (about 4-5 minutes). Don't worry about cooking the chicken completely through.

3. Remove the chicken from the pan and place into the hot oven to finish cooking. After about ten minutes, place a slice of cheese on each chicken breast. Cook for just a few more minutes or until the cheese is nice and melted.

4. While the chicken is in the oven, toast your bread and slice your tomato.

5. Assemble your sandwiches and enjoy. Serve with mayonnaise, honey mustard, or ranch.

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