Friday, October 15, 2010

Dexter Coasters

Even though I'm not one for nick-knacks, I love cooky stuff for the house. (Though to be honest, I kind of like cooky everything.) I also love Dexter. Put these two things together and you have a set of coasters that make my heart pitter patter.
With a drop of blood from each victim placed between two glass slides, Dexter creates a morbid memento or ''Trophy'' of each kill. These Dexter inspired coasters come packaged in a beautifully-crafted wooden box with golden hardware and a slotted interior to display each coaster.

These clear acrylic coasters feature an iconic 'blood spatter' and have rubberized feet to protect your table. Each coaster is also imprinted with the Dexter logo in red. The storage box has the Dexter logo carved on top and the Showtime logo carved on two sides.

You won't want to hide these out of sight, much less store these behind your air conditioner.

For $34.95 they're aren't ridiculous expensive, but unfortunately that's still out of my price range. (Maybe there's a way to do a DIY version.) You can find them here if you're interested though.

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