Thursday, October 7, 2010

The New World by Patrick Ness

The Chaos Walking series is one of my favorite series (I even ordered the third book from the UK so I didn't have to wait for the US release), so I am super excited to find out that Patrick Ness has offered his readers a free short story from Viola's point of view entitled The New World. It is set before the time she crashes on Todd Hewitt's world.

From the Book Harbinger:
Thirteen-year-old Viola has never seen a forest, a river, or the sea. As a second generation colonist and born-and-raised ship dweller, all she knows is vid, arts with Bradley, training pads and convoy life. But when her family’s chosen to be the first scouting party to land on New World, she’s torn between fear and hope. Fear because the previous settlers were never heard from again and hope because it’s all the future settlers have. What she doesn’t know is that the experience will be both hopeful and frightful in ways she couldn’t expect.
It is only 24 pages long so tit's perfect for anyone who hasn't started the series yet, but wants to get their feet wet. Download it here. (You don't have to own a Kindle, but you do need to have the Kindle for PC/MAC on your computer. It's free to download as well.) And a big thanks to See Michelle Read for spreading the word!

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