Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zombie Swag

Not sure what to get the zombie lover in your life? Well, here's a roundup of some awesome zombie swag. I found it all on etsy so you can rest assured that your gruesome delights were made with love and care by real artists.

1. Cemetery Pendant  ($10)
2. Resident Evil Zombie Defense Flask ($22)
3. Keep American Zombie Free Sticker ($4)
4. Personal Zombie Jesus Hand painted Pendant ($25)
5. Back to School Zombie Art Pencil Case  ($14.99)
6. Vinyl Decal Sticker ($7.99)
7. MMmmmm Brains Earrings ($12)
8. Brain Sundae Zombie Snack Dessert Fine Art Photograph ($28)
9. Zombie limerick book ($3)
10. ZOMBIE NATION Hoodie ($49.99)
11. Flesh Eater Zombie Necklace ($12)
12. Brain Cupcake Soap ($4.75)
13. Zombie Virgin Mary Psychobilly Necklace ($7)
14. Nuclear messenger bag ($20)
15. Blood choker necklace ($16)
16. I Hurt Hair Clip ($4.25)
17. Zombie Hello Kitty Vinyl Decal ($8.99)

I think I want the "flesh eater" necklace the most. That hoodie is amazing, but I'm not much of a hoodie wearer. That zombie Jesus and the nuclear bag are also calling my name so we'll have to see though.

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