Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boots Boots Boots (What I Wore)

I got it into my head that I had to have over the knee boots in my life and I am happy to say that that goal has been reached. I was a bit worried if they would look alright, but I ended up loving them more then I had thought I would. The nice thing is you can only see a bit of the tights underneath so it's kind of like a little surprise every time I take a step. And I am all about little surprises.

Jacket - F21
Dress - F21
Harness - DIY
Tights - Target
Scarf - Walmart
Boots - F21

I know I get most of my clothes from F21 but that's cause I'm poor. I'm also kind of cheap to be honest. This dress was only $16 and I adore it. It is simple and soft and I couldn't resist buying it in two colors.

FYI: My calf is about 17 inches around at the widest point and these boots just fit. I wouldn't risk it if your calf is bigger, but I wanted to throw that out there since F21 doesn't give you a circumference measurement.


  1. Congrats on getting your boots - but what grabbed me most were those tights! LOVE them!!!

  2. 1. They're awesome boots.
    2. I can now finally wear knee-high and over-the knee boots, and this makes me ridiculously happy. In fact, I need to buy a pair, like, yesterday.