Sunday, November 28, 2010

David Sedaris at Sam Weller's Bookstore

I was lucky enough to find out about a reading by David Sedaris at Sam Weller's Bookstore. I seem to have the knack of finding out about things just after they happen. In fact, I've missed David Sedaris twice now. When I found out he was coming again, nothing could have stopped me from going.

If you aren't familiar with Sedaris' work, here's an example:

Sedaris read a story from his new book and some of his diary and it was great. The way he reads is really lovely and I'm not at all surprised he does the audio book narration for his books. We had to wait forever to get our books signed, but it was definitely worth it.


I have to admit I was nervous when we finally got to meet him. I wished something fierce that I was more clever at that moment. It was also the first time I'd been to Sam Weller's and I will most definitely be going back. What a nice place.


  1. Ooo, so cool and lucky!

    I guess he's supposed to be coming to the city where I go to school next semester. Unfortunately (kind of), I'm going to be in a totally different country sooooo I'm going to have to miss out on it. But I heard tickets have sold out already anyway.

  2. The cool thing is he travels a lot. He's been to Salt Lake at least three times in the few years I've lived here.

    Also, super jealous trip. :)