Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Double Clip Sock Garter DIY

Here is a really easy tutorial for making your own sock garters using mitten clips. Mitten clips should be readily available this time of year (I got mine in the infant section of Walmart), but suspender or garter clips would also work. Sock dreams sells something similar, but you'll have to pay $18 for four. These will only set you back six dollars at the most.

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As you can see, these are intended for over the knee socks/stockings and are double sided. I decided to make mine this way, rather then a conventional sock garter, because I always wear shorts under my dresses and I didn't want to worry about the elastic falling down or pinching my chub. These particular garters also have the added benefit of keeping your shorts in place if yours tend to ride up.

With these garters, every pair of tights can become thigh highs. Just cut the tights as close to the crotch as you can, and you'll have the perfect thigh highs without any elastic to dig into your leg. That's exactly what I did with the thigh highs shown here (the tights wouldn't stop falling down when I walked so they had to go). That sounded very infomercialy didn't it? Oh well.

Double Clip Sock Garter DIY


2 sets of mitten clips



1. Cut away any material connected you your clips if need be.


2. Measure how long you think your garters should be.


3. Cut out four pieces of ribbon all the same length. Make sure you leave seam allowances.


4. Pin the ribbon to the clips.


5. Sew away.


And you're done! They can be worn in the front or on the side and you can add ribbons if you fancy.

IMG_9998 copy
Copy of IMG_0006 copy

If you want sock garters that look more like conventional men's sock garters, then you just have to change a few steps. Just measure your thigh and cut a piece of elastic to fit (make sure it's sung). Then you just sew one side of the ribbon around the elastic instead of adding a second clip. Easy peasy. Just make sure you add some length to the ribbon.


The nice thing is you'll one need one set of mitten clips instead of two if you decide to make yours this way.

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  1. Great idea! I need something that will hold up my compression stockings. Thanks for sharing.