Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Pictures

*Double posted*

Here are some pics from my weekend:


I finally fulfilled my lifelong wish of having a costume party this Friday. Ok, so maybe it hasn't been lifelong, but it sure has felt like a long time. Unfortunately I had quite a few party poopers for friends for a while there (though they were great in other ways), but now that's not a problem. In fact, we already started planning the next costume party during this one. (You know you have great friends when they get as excited as you do about a Harry Potter themed party.) I wish I had taken a picture of the spread because it was quite lovely. I made meatball slider, french onion dip, deviled eggs, and every sweet you can imagine. Even though the food was pretty simple, I had made cute little signs for everything and had it all spread out all fancy like. I felt like a champ. (What? I like to feed people.)

The next day we went trick-or-treating since Utah is weird and doesn't celebrate Halloweens that fall on Sundays on Sunday. Either way, Holden had a lot of fun and this was the first year he really got into the whole thing. All in all it was a great weekend and I hope you guys had at least a tenth as much fun as I did.



  1. How cute is Holden in that dragon costume?! And your zombie cupcakes turned out great.

    You know, the key to feeding people is to keep it simple, and then make the display look awesome--as you did. Cupcakes are super-easy to make, but they look great when displayed well. You don't have to labor for days in the kitchen, just make the display look awesome and people will think you went all-out!

  2. Thanks! And I totally agree. I made meatball sliders because I was able to make the meatballs days in advance. The dip and eggs got made/hard boiled the day before as well. Then I just used different shaped vases to hold candy. The little signs and tablecloth made everything festive without a lot of effort. I've learned good planning makes all the difference.

    I have to admit I do tend to go overboard though. lol