Friday, November 12, 2010

Skeleton Leg Wear

I thought I would do a post on skeleton leg wear after my outfit post a few days ago. As I said then, my socks weren't really socks. They were the sleeves of another shirt that I cut off and had eventually planned on throwing away. (The shirt looked a lot like this black one, but obviously the sleeves were white.) Lickily I keep things forever and I was able to repurpose them into something else. The shirt was like $5 at walmart and I had to co a bit crazy with the scissors to make it work, but that's a post for another day.

Anyhoo, here are some skeleton socks and leg wear I was able to find. I really love the white ones, but I don't know if the ribbed material would distort the image too bad if stretched over my jumbo calves. I also really like that bodystocking, but there is no way "one size fits all" would work for me. I think it's be cool jsut to know I had something so awesome underneath my clothes though.

1. Kawaii Skeleton Over The Knee
2. Sheer Skeleton Print Pantyhose
3. Over The Knee "Skeleton"
4. White Bones Socks
5. Skeleton Bone Socks
6. Skeleton Leggings
7. Black Skeleton Foot Sock
8. Skeleton Print Bodystocking

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