Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hey Shiny (What I Wore)

Proof I wear pants. Well these aren't really pants, but close enough for my book!


Blazer - torrid
Lace shirt - Fashion bug (a million years ago)
Top - F21 (was a dress until I put it in the dryer)
Leggings - torrid
Boots - ebay

And is it just me, or does Torrid have weird legging sizing? These leggings were so baggy around the knees I had to take them in with my sewing machine.


  1. Are those leather leggings? Or just shiny fabric ones? Reaallyy curious! XD

  2. Also, I don't want to sound mean or bitchy, and while I like your eye makeup, I think it makes it look like you've cried recently. It's just my opinion-- and the most I do is put some eyeliner amd mascara on, so no experience here-- and I hope you're not offended! It clashes very nciely with your eye colour, though! Gosh, so jealous of people have blue/green/grey eyes. My brown eyes match my brown hair. -__- My dad has the most amazing green eyes, but felt the need to not have me inherit them. Pissy, eh?

    ALso, how do you do your eyebrows? I try to keep mine natural and tweeze here and there, but curly hair equals somewhat wayward eyebrows. Any tips?

  3. The leggings are just shiny fabric. And you don't sound bitchy. I think it's just the lighting which makes my eyes look kind of watery. Either way, I like it so no worries.

    And I don't do anything to my eyebrows but add a little eyeshadow to make them a bit darker. I tried to pluck once and I nearly died from the pain so I'm very lucky in that regard. But good luck and sorry I couldn't be a better help!

  4. Plucking doesn't hurt... that much, lol. ANd no worries. :)