Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday/New Years Makeup

Is anyone else looking forward to New Years? Usually I end up sitting home on New Years Eve, but this year we've decided to have a small party. And since I'm bored and easy enamored with makeup tutorials, I thought I'd share some of the ones I've come across so far that have inspired me.

This "Golden Cranberry Holiday Makeup" is probably my favorite so far:

I like the cranberry (and I'm wearing a burgandy skirt), but gold doesn't look too nice with my skin tone.

New Years Magic:

I'm not crazy with all the eyeshadow colors, but I like the idea of just using white glitter. Plus I already have everything I'd need.

Christmas/evening/date make-up:

This one is a bit more subdued but still lovely I think. I might even wear something like this, albeit a bit pared down, when going out regularly.

New Years Eve Makeup:

I like how this titorial is sparkley but not disco ball-ish (which the second video is).

Festive/holiday makeup:

This look is kind of different and I love the fact she's using super inexpensive products. Plus the gold is more on the copper/bronze side which might work with my skin tone.


  1. I'd like to be able to wear fantastic eye make up like that, but I'd probably screw it up, haha. Also, it's too expensive to buy five hundred different shades of eyeshadow for only one look. =P

  2. oh I agree. I buy mostly drugstore makeup, but it still surprises me when they use so many eye-shadows. I once watched one tutorial where the girl used like five different shades of brown. All I could think was wtf?