Sunday, January 16, 2011

Classic Deviled Eggs (with relish)

This is one of those recipes that isn't really a recipe. I feel a bit silly even sharing it with you guys, but this is one of the dishes I make the most for guests. I probably make deviled eggs 9 out of 10 times I have people over and they're always eaten the fastest. There is just something wonderfully delightful about a well made deviled egg. From the first bite you know whether it is just good or if it is a piece of your childhood in a bite. (It's kind of like potato salad in that way.) Deviled eggs are a bit nostalgic for everyone I've noticed.

You should know all of these quantities are estimates. Deviled eggs is one of those things you really just make to taste. I'm not a fan of mayonnaise so I always make sure I add just enough but no more. I also always use dill relish since sweet relish is pretty gross in my opinion (though I do use it in my potato salad), but use whatever you like most.

Would I make this again? Duh.

Classic Deviled Eggs (with relish)


12 eggs
4 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 teaspoons yellow mustard
2 teaspoons relish
Paprika, for dusting


1. Place eggs in a large saucepan. Cover them with cool water by 1 inch. Slowly bring water to a boil over medium heat; when the water has reached a boil, cover and remove from heat. Let sit 12 minutes. Transfer eggs to a colander; place under cool running water to stop the cooking. Remove eggs and and cool in refrigerator.

2. Once the effs are completely cooled, remove shells and slice in half lengthwise.

3. Separate egg yolks and place into a bowl. Place whites on a separate plate. Add mayo, mustard, relish and salt and pepper, to taste, to yolks and mash together with a fork until creamy and smooth.

4. At this point fill your egg white halves with your egg yolk filling. You can just spoon the mixture in, but I like to fill a gallon resealable blag and pipe the mixture in. You can use a star tip to make it extra special, but I usually skip it. The bag really is easiest.
5. Dust tops with paprika. Refrigerate. Serve cold.


  1. I totally agree with you on the dill relish!

    Also: I use a packet of Taco Bell sauce as my secret ingedient. It's quite delicious and zingy! I also use grey poupon and spicy brown mustard instead of plain old yellow, if I have them.

  2. Deviled eggs are one of my favourite dishes! I use caesar salad sauce on mine only because i usually have a spare bottle of caesar salad sauce in the fridge.

  3. I love the Taco bell sauce idea! I also think ceasar dressing would be good if I like ceasar. lol

  4. I tried sour cream in place of the mayo and it was delicious! My trainer made me give up mayo and now I can't really eat it without it upsetting my stomach, so sour cream worked. I like using the dry mustard, too, sometimes.

    And every time I make devilled eggs, everyone adores them. Don't know what it is!

  5. That's a good idea. I swap out sour cream for mayonnaise in some things, but I like the texture mayo gives deviled eggs. I should still give it a try sometimes.