Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who Needs a Jacket? (What I Wore)

it's been forever since I've done one of these. I was trying to do one a week, but the holidays messed me up. I also have a crap load of recipes to post so I have two new goals for myself.

Anyhoo, it was only twenty something degrees outside (Fahrenheit) so I actually had a black jacket on. I only took it off for the pic. See how I suffer for you guys?


Sweater - NY&Co
Skirt - DIY
Tights - Walmart
Mary Janes - Payless

I can't believe this sweater fits me. I bought it before I was pregnant when I was like 60 pounds lighter (yikes I know!). This skirt is made out of another sheet and it's hard to see but the tights are sweater-like and have thin vertical stripes.

Also, these shoes are my most favoritest shoes ever. The heel is only around an inch so I can actually walk around campus or the store in them. I've made a promise to myself I can only buy high heels with practical heels since I have a bunch sitting in my closet that I never wear. So far I've been good.


  1. Hello Alana, thank you for visiting my blog and from your twitter, I knew you came from the LJ link! Thanks for leaving me lovely comments. I also want to say you are so clever to make a DIY skirts because i am a klutz at such. I've managed to glue my fingers together before so go figure! I love that skirt on you and it is such a dark royal colour. I also love that you post recipes because I am into cooking this year and I will attempt some of your culinary tips.

  2. You're such a sweetheart! And this is exactly what I love about the internet. How infinitely big and yet surprisingly small it is.

    Also, you're pictures are soooo great. I'm a little jealous. ;)

  3. SNOW!! *obsesses*

    ...I've only ever seen snow twice and that was when I went to the Snow Mountains. D: Australia's mostly too warm for it to snow. :(

  4. Yeah, but you live in Australia. Snow is one of the few things that's cool about Utah. ;)