Monday, February 28, 2011

Flowers and Dots (what I wore)

I haven't uploaded my 365 pictures to flickr yet, so I'm gonna include this week and lasts in Sunday's 365 post. Just in case you were dying to know what random crap I decided to photograph last week. I am pretty proud of myself for taking pictures of my outfit twice in two weeks though. Woohoo to small victories!

Copy of IMG_6701
Polka-dot shirt - thrifted
Black Sweater - Walmart
Skirt - DIY
Thigh-highs - Target
Boots - Ebay

That last picture is old, but it shows the pattern nicely. I really want to combine patterns more regularly, but it can be a daunting task. For some reason magazine spreads are great at this, but pairing different prints can be a bit worrisome in my experience. I don't always look nearly as cute as I think I do and I hate feeling unsure of myself because of my clothes. I've found polka-dots, especially small ones, work well with a lot of different patterns though. 


  1. You DIY-ed the skirt? How clever are you? I know I will stitch my fingers up well and proper if I try. That polka dot blouse is a great thrift. I never resist a good polka dot :)