Monday, March 14, 2011

365 Project: Week 9

I had a busy busy week. My big communications presentation was due and our group was scrambling last minute to get everything pulled together. Luckily we totally aced it and now I can stop stressing about it. I also aced my foxtrot test and got %100 on my biology essay. Yup, I'm a champ.


The weather was a tad crazy this week too. Tuesday it snowed, but then there were a few nice days that tried to sneak right by. Crazy Utah. I also bought a new couch that I'm super happy about. It was a pain to move it though. Unfortunately Ryan was out of town so I got stuck doing some heavy lifting. I tend to avoid physical exertion like the bubonic plague, so I didn't enjoy that at all. The end result was very much worth it though. I even had friends over to show it off. That shot glass was given to me by my friend when he stayed in New York one summer.

In other news, I didn't grease my bundt pan well enough and my cake wouldn't unmold. Sad times.

Hope everyone had a good weekend though! Just for fun, here's a better pic of my new couch:


This is the only picture I could find of my living room before. It's not entirely accurate since I had a different coffee table (still white and square though) but it's close enough.


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