Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free E-book ‘Son of Ereubus’ by J.S. Chancellor

I follow Neil Gaiman on twitter and I was interested in a tweet that mentioned a free ebook by J.S. Chancellor. Like most people I love the sound of "free" and anything book related definitely gets my attention. Well, it turns out the author decided to offer a free copy of her book, Son of Ereubus, after it was stolen by "literary pirates." An attempt to turn lemons into lemonade as the saying goes.

From PRWeb:
Just two weeks after Rhemalda Publishing released Son of Ereubus, Book One in the new Guardians of Legend trilogy, author J. S. Chancellor’s epic fantasy book was stolen by literary pirates. The stolen book went viral, with staggering numbers of downloads from multiple sites. Rhemalda Publishing had to make a choice--use valuable resources to take up a fight against the pirates or find a way to use it to its advantage.

Rhemalda Publishing and Author J.S. Chancellor teamed up by posting a request on Chancellor’s Facebook fan page for readers who had downloaded the book illegally to consider posting a review of the book online.

When asked how she felt about her debut novel--which she had worked 14 years writing and perfecting-- being pirated, Chancellor responded, “I’m not Stephen King, folks…and I’m flattered that someone out there, somewhere, thinks it’s good enough to steal. Honestly. But that warm fuzzy feeling, like a good strong night’s worth of drinks, leads a vicious migraine and one hell of a stomachache.”

Now, months later, the reviews are coming in and they are not being shy, stating that J. S. Chancellor's book, Son of Erebus, will sit on shelves next to the likes of Tolkien, Barker, King and Goodkind. The book is quickly gaining notice. Although coming in a less desirable way, the attention garnered by the pirating "attack" has hoisted interest in the book.

A. J. from A. J. and Charile Bite Back book reviews said "... this book left me salivating for more... Brilliant in its complexity, coupled with the age- old themes of good versus evil, Son of Ereubus, in my humble opinion, is the next big thing in fantasy."
With reviews like that how could anyone really resist? I am always in the mood for a good fantasy and this is a great way to "test the waters" with a new trilogy before buying. And since I check most books out from the library anyways, I think this was a clever decision on Rhemalda Publishing and Chancellor’s part. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms was the most recent fantasy series I got really excited about so Son of Ereubus couldn't have come at a better time.

If you're interested in downloading your own free copy (epub or pdf), you can do so here. I'd also recommend checking the author's blog out since she's surprisingly entertaining to read. There's a self-awareness about her writing that I find really appealing. I can't wait to get reading. Of course I just started another great book so I might have to wait till the weekend to devour it. Oh the burdens I have to deal with!

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  1. Thank you so, so much for sharing the link, and especially for reading the blog!! Hope you enjoy the book :)