Sunday, March 20, 2011

Run It Up the Flagpole (what I wore)

This outfit shows my love for the 90s pretty well doesn't it? What can I say? They wore cool clothes and made kick ass music. Also, I'm of the mindset that knee/thigh-highs make everything better. I just can't help myself.

Copy of IMG_6871
Shirtdress - Walmart
Black under shirt - Lane Bryant (forever ago)
Jean shorts - cut up Lane Bryant pants
Knee-highs - Target
Boots - F21
Sweater - Lane Bryant
Jacket - F21

I also have this dress in black. I love them both and totally want to kick myself for not getting the jean looking one. For some reason I can't button this one all the up, but the black one is just fine. It's weird.

I was inspired to make that three panel picture after seeing this pic. I really like it. Don't be surprised if you see me doing it often.


  1. Much love to this outfit! There is like a preppy vibe to it! I think it's the socks and all!

  2. Thanks! I try to add a little prep to almost everything. :)