Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School

This was my first week back at school and it went pretty smoothly (except the time I wanted to ram my car into someone for stealing my spot). The only class I haven't gone to yet is Sewing since it's only on Mondays and we start school on Wednesday for some strange reason at my campus. Holden also got tested for kindergarten this week and he's already where he needs to be by the end of the year. I chalk this up to chance more than any random parenting on my part, but it's still nice to see how bright Holden is. Last year he had some problems socially in preschool, but he's always learned things quickly.

For the first day of Spinning we just learned about the bikes and went over the syllabus. The teacher was really cool and said we should give it at least five rides before we quit. I thought that was kind of amusing, but I'm hoping that isn't that case for me. Even though I love working on with my friends, the elliptical is like mental torture. I just can't over the tedium.

My journalism class also seems really interesting. I was worried there would be a lot of younger people in my class since it's in the morning, but I was pleasantly surprised. The class also seemed ready to participate. The people were eager to contribute and I love that. The only downside is this class will require a lot of work. We have to turn in a story every week and do weekly group workshops. There are quite a few people who like to write sports so I hope I don't get paired with any of them.

The only class that was disappointing was my Audio Production class. I'm hoping it gets better but the first day was boring as hell. We basically talked about the science of sound and it's not as interesting as you might think it is. (Actually, does that sound interesting at all?) First days can be random though so we'll see.

All in all is was a good, if stressful, week. Holden starts kindergarten tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that. Hope everyone had a good week!

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