Saturday, September 17, 2011

Golden Nugget of Thought: Growing Apart

500 Days of Summer is one of those movies that actually surprised me. I like being surprised and I love this quote:

This is essentially my general attitude about life. Sometimes people grow apart. The end. As heartbreaking as it can be, sometimes things change and they don't change the way you'd hope. This epitomizes my first relationship and far too many friendships for my liking.


  1. I adored this movie. As painfully familiar as it was at times, I would gladly watch it again and again. (Even if my husband does make comments in the background. =P )

    As for growing apart... I think, perhaps, that I'm too good at that. I'm too willing to let people go their own way, and sometimes I think it makes people feel like I don't want them around. That's never been true. I think growing up a Navy brat just made me too fluid in my understanding of relationships. It's strange how our experiences can shape us that way.

  2. I just put this movie on hold at the library per your rec.

    I do find the quote heart-breaking. But of course, I'm finding a lot heart-breaking these days. I do like that it manages to still validate what was once there.

  3. SkyddsDrake: Yeah, I do think we are too quick to let friendships go sometimes. There are definitely people I wish I had tried harder with, but with some people it's just different.

    Buffy: You bring up a good point. When I broke up with my first boyfriend I felt like I had wasted those years of my life (I imagine this is common). Now I realize those years taught me a lot about myself and relationships and I probably wouldn't be the person I am today without the experience.