Friday, September 9, 2011

Halloween Party Planning Already Underway

Some of you might find it crazy, but I've already got my mind on Halloween. I've probably mentioned it dozens of times before, but Halloween is my favorite holiday. Last year we had a costume party that worked out spectacularly so we're having another one this year. I'd love for it to become a yearly thing and this year I'm going with a circus theme.

While the theme is gonna be the circus, I don't want to go too crazy with everything. I have a tendency to go overboard and I'm hoping to avoid that. While I'd love to make a red and white circus tent like the one below (found here), that's just not gonna happen. Instead I'm gonna focus on making lots of paper bunting, Christmas lights, and balloons.

Since Ryan's parents got us a popcorn maker for Christmas, popcorn is a must and it'll add a lot to the atmosphere. I really want to make a circus sign like the one here, but it might be too much work. We'll just have to wait and see about that one. I will make some apothecary jars like these ones if I can find the right candlesticks though. While I'm not entirely sure about the rest of the decorations, I think I have my menu pretty much figured out. My main issue now is keeping the list small and manageable.


1. Nachos

I have one of those mini-crock pots for dips and I'm thinking a little nacho bar would be easy and fit the theme perfectly. Plus I can skip regular chips and dips.

These pics actually come from a Baseball Themed Baby Shower (which is adorable), but you get the picture. i also found a way to make your own Paper Food Baskets, but it just depends on what I find and how lazy I'm feeling.

2. Mini Cheesecake Bites

I'll be honest here, I'm probably gonna buy a cheesecake from the bakery and just cut out little bites with a circle cutter. Even though this recipe is pretty easy, I tend to put too much on my plate and I want things to be as simple as possible. Plus, I don't even like cheesecake.

3. Tomato Soup Shooters with Mini Grilled Cheese

I was considering making Ina Garten's Pappa Al Pomodoro, but now I'm thinking of just doctoring up some store bought soup. Ina is my woman, but I want to keep things simple. Maybe I can make the soup before hand though. (Photo on the left from Fresh Tart. Photo on the right: unknown.)

4. Mini Caramel Apples (pic by Christaface)

I had planned on making full size caramel apples, but this is a much better idea. Seriously, I think I squealed a little when I saw these. They are so stinkin cute.

5. Baked Mini Corn Dogs

Again, I might just buy mini-corn dogs from the store, but these look adorable and simple. I make a full size version using Pillsbury bread sticks so I can always do the same here for a shortcut.

6. Cupcakes

This is where I'm a bit torn. Should I make something colorful like red velvet or should I make something less sugary like my all time favorite Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins. I'm leaning towards the pumpkin and I can always put little flags or cupcake toppers on them to make them more festive. (Circus Cupcake Kit from Meri Meri.)

On top of all that, I want to serve a lot of candy and other things (like animal crackers). I'm planning on making Paper Cones for cotton candy and caramel corn. I already have little popcorn containers I bought forever ago. I also plan on serving lemonade and having a bowl full of fake mustaches. I don't know why, but mustaches make everything better. Some veggies in a cup with dressing might be a good idea too (like this). Gotta have something to cut through all the sugar.

Now I just have to figure out my costume.


  1. Sounds like a hell of a party! And I'm seriously drooling over that menu. I want to eat all of it! Especially the grilled cheese/soup thing.

  2. Thanks. The soup with the mini grilled cheese is just too cute to resist. Now I just have to find a lot of shot glasses. lol

    I can't wait!

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