Friday, September 16, 2011

Products I'm Loving (vlog)

I didn't post a New Music Thursday yesterday because I haven't had the time to find any new music lately. I've also been cooking family favorites lately and really focusing on getting back on track with everything. That's why my blog has been a little slow, but I'm gonna work on that. If you've heard any good music or made any tasty recipes lately I'd love to know.

For today's post I decided to do something different and post a video I made talking about some products I've bought lately that I really like. I'm always super embarrassed whenever I make a video (I'm just really animated), but I thought it might give some of you a chance to see/hear me for the first time.

I had to cut one product out since the video was too long. I also got attacked by a fly when I was talking about the brushes so that's why there's that cut there. Also, Josephine makes an appearance around the eight minute mark.

I might make another of these videos in the future, but I'm not sure. I kind of feel silly assuming people care about what I buy, but I'm one of those people that's always researching products and looking for new things. Seriously, I'll get sucked into youtube review videos for hours straight. If you're like me you'll probably enjoy the video. If not...oh well. :)


  1. My eye shadow travels too, and I buy expensive Clinique/Lacome/Estee Lauder stuff. I always end up looking like I have been punched in the eye after a day of wearing make-up because I wear plum shades (for green eyes). I am definitely going to invest in an eyeshadow primer now. =0)

  2. Oh yay! No I don't feel so silly. lol

  3. Yay, vlog! (sorry to comment so late, my internet has been down all month) The brushes and the eyeshadow base both sound like something I should think about getting. I've been slowly getting more adventurous with makeup and wearing it more often, and I definitely get frustrated with how washed out a lot of eyeshadows look when I put them on (and the crease thing, bleh). And I'm still trying to figure out techniques and whatnot. Half the time I have no idea where to start. I'm clueless about what to do with my lower lids, though I've had a bit of luck with green or gold eyeliner so far. Anyway, I always like tips or product recommendations for this stuff.

  4. Now worries Eve! My internet was out for like an hour yesterday and it drove me bonkers so I can only imagine how frustrating it was for you. Glad you're back!

    I've seen a few good reviews for the eyeshadow primer by Hard Candy. It might be worth a shot since it's more readily available (at least for me since no one sells NYX around here). I've also heard the bamboo brushes by Sonia Kashuk are super good.

    I'm lucky that I started wearing makeup in high school when I was still willing to look like a fool. lol I went through some horrible makeup phases, but it helped me figure out what I liked and made me more comfortable with makeup. I know it can be hard for some people.