Monday, December 19, 2011

Golden Nugget of Thought: Pain is a Right

I love this quote because I think we've all felt the pressure not to feel what we feel at least once in our lives. I may do or say the wrong things, but I will never apologize for feeling the way I do. Ever. It's the most honest and genuine thing I have to offer the world. No matter how misguided or uncomfortable it might make someone. Numbness is never the answer.


  1. I SO AGREE. In college, I learned that it made some boys uncomfortable when I flirted with them. So I stopped flirting, or showing people that I cared about them because, ugh. Rejection and discomfort.

    I don't give a shit anymore. I feel the way I feel and I will share it. If it's thrown back at me, fine. I'll move along. But I will NOT apologize is someone is uncomfortable about MY feelings. Especially when they're good, kind, TRUE feelings.


  2. yes exactly! Plus, rejection hurts but nothing compares to the pain of hiding the way you truly feel from someone.

  3. oh my goodness. where have i been? exactly. ah men.