Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vegas (Part 1)

Last weekend my roommate decided we needed to drive down to Las Vegas in order to follow a UK pop band she's just a tiny bit obsessed with. Without too much thought and a lot of excitement, we threw some clothes in a bag and had quite the weekend.

There's really no way to describe the trip except to say we had the total "bro" experience. We didn't take any pictures or buy any mementos. In fact, the only picture I have from the whole trip is this one from my phone.


Even though we drank far too much and made more than our fair share of questionable decisions, the trip was exactly what I needed. It turns out all it takes is a little over 400 miles for me to clear my head and let go of some of the bullshit I let weigh me down. I came back with a sense of clarity I was sorely missing. I know most people don't go to Vegas for clarity, but I never felt more aware of how lucky I am to be young and alive. Life is good in so many ways and it's a waste to let the bad things overshadow that. (I'm so deep I know.)

The funny thing is we're going back next weekend. The trip has been planned for months and I'm looking forward to doing the tourist thing and actually seeing a few shows this time. And who knows what insights I may come home with.

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