Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Santigold at In The Venue

I made a goal to see more concerts this year and so far I've been sticking to it. Monday I had the opportunity to see Santigold and Charli XCX at In the Venue. The concert was everything you'd expect. Sweaty, smelly, and full of energy.

Santigold at In The Venue, Salt Lake City
Santigold at In The Venue, Salt Lake City

Charli XCX was actually really good. She has a really energetic and surprisingly sexual energy about her. I went home and looked her up so that's always a good sign. I'm gonna assume you guys already know the awesomeness that is Santigold and share one of Charli's songs I liked most instead.

End of the World:

So yeah, all in all it was a great show. Santigold sang a lot of songs and her backup singers/dancers were amazing. Her music is perfect for live shows since all you want to do is jump around and sing along. Instead of doing it in my house by myself, I got to do it with a group of people. Who can ask for more?

Also, pretty sure that first photo is proof of Santigold's divinity. Just saying.

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