Sunday, January 10, 2016

I will build myself a mosaic masterpiece with your leaving

You only text me when you want to talk about how I am being unfair to you. You can't even pretend to care how I am doing.

Our feelings for people ebb and flow you tell me.

I once told you that actually. We were standing in line at Costa Vida. I said I felt like loving someone was the art of falling in and out of love with them over and over again. Not all feelings can be maintained at high levels of intensity. It's too difficult to always be in love. The moments of intense passion and gratitude for your partner are not the measure. What matters most is what you do when the tides recede. What do we do with all the broken seashells and junk that washed up on the shore? That is when love matters.

I'm relieved to know now, rather than five years from now, that our relationship couldn't survive low tides.

Sometimes our hopes are dashed.

My shores may be covered with broken sea glass, but your shores are barren. So keep your empty tears and hollow words. They were never for me anyways.

I'll keep the glass.

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