Saturday, May 2, 2009

Canvas Clock DIY

I can't quite remember where I saw this idea for a canvas clock (probably on One Pretty Thing), but right away I knew the options were endless.

I had most items on hand (everything but the clock) so your end cost may be a little different then mine.

What you'll need:

A prepared canvas (whatever size you like)
Cheap clock or clock kit
Freezer or contact paper
Xacto knife


1. The first thing to do is find a clock you like. (This isn't the one I chose, but I plan to use it next time.)

If you want to use this image click on the picture to make it a little larger

2. Print it out. (I stretched mine to make it as large as I could and made it black and white.)

I then taped it ontop of my freezer paper and used it as a template to cut out my stencil. (Make sure you use a fresh xacto blade. It makes all the difference.)

3. The next step is to cover your canvas with whatever fabric you've decided to use. You could also paint the canvas or use decorative paper. Whatever you like.

All I used was a little spray glue and some duct tape around the edges.

4. I attached the freezer paper stencil to my fabric using an iron. (It only takes a little heat and always remember to put the shiny side down.)

5. Paint in the stencil. (It took me about 4 layers to get the paint completely opaque and I dried each layer with a hairdryer before painting the next.)

Instead of fabric paint I just used one of the 99 cent acrylic paints you find in the wood craft section. You can use whatever you like though.

As you can see my fabric didn't cover all my edges. I really wanted to use this specific fabric, so I just glued a piece of white ribbon around the outside. I recommend just getting the right size fabric though.

While I was at Ikea I picked up this clock because it only cost $3 dollars. I'm not sure how much clock kits cost, but I figured I wouldn't be able to beat Ikea's price.

6. Take apart your clock (take not of what order the hands were placed). Make a small hole in the center of your painted section (or where ever you want your clock) with your xacto knife.

The all you have to do is attach the clock motor to the back of your canvas. I duct taped mine (if you haven't figured out yet I'm kind of a fan of duct tape) but you can also use a strong glue to hold it in place (I'm sure E600 would work).

At this point you may need to make your hole a little bigger. That's fine.

Once the motors in place, all you have to do is put the hands on, put in a battery, and you're good to go.

Keep in mind you can paint the hand whatever color you like (I haven't done so yet).

I'm not entirely happy with my fabric choice in the end, but I still think it's a cool idea. Next time I hope to paint my one back round and maybe even forgo the stencil. We'll see :)

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