Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Family" 07/10

After making this picture for Ashley, Ashley decided to take it to work and show her friends. A lovely women named Heather then contacted me to do four different paintings for her. I don't know if I was more overjoyed by the thought that someone really likes what I do or the fact someone was actually willing to pay me for it, but either way I quickly got to work.


I actually had an old canvas sitting around that was an intended wedding present for Ryan's sister. That obviously didn't work out and looking at the ridiculousness of the silhouettes I don't think it's too hard to figure out why. I decided to just paint over the offending parts and try to salvage as much of the background as I could. I think it worked out alright. Luckily Heather was very happy with the results.

I've been eager to get started on the rest, but I am super broke and have to wait till we get paid in order to buy canvases. After that they'll be no stopping me though!

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