Friday, July 30, 2010

Red, White, and Boots (What I Wore)

This is what I wore on the fourth of July (I realize I'm a bit behind posting this). I feel a bit vain posting outfits, but I am trying to get over that.

Confession: This is the first time I wore dress or shorts without any tights in....idk like 5 years. I shit you not. I always feel self conscious about my whiteness, but the more I go without tights the more I get used to it.


Dress - Faith 21
White shirt - walmart
Jean shorts (you can't see obviously) - Lane Bryant pants I cut up
Boots - ebay

I'm not very fond of this dress to be honest. While I love the fact it isn't a dark color (you'll always have my heart me) and I really like the crocheted part at the top, I really hate that one ruffle at the bottom. It just bugs me. I think a white cardigan would look nice and be more flattering, but the only one I have got destroyed in the best way at Holi.

Beyond that, I tied little blue checkered ribbons to my boots and painted my nails blue to add some holiday spirit to my outfit. I felt very patriotic.


  1. I love the boots. I really want a pair of cowboy boots.

  2. They were only like $20 bucks on ebay. They are kind of cheap looking though (um gold trim?), but I don't mind. The worse part is how hard they are to get on and off. My black boots aren't like that, but I guess the material makes these ones impossible.