Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Music Thursday

New Music Thursday is an attempt to keep my goal of listening to some new music alive and kicking. Not all of these bands/artists are new to me, but all of the songs are.

These are the songs I'm diggin this week:

Total Life Forever by the Foals:

Cinema (Skrillex Remix) by Benny Benassi:

Heartbeats by The Knife:

Roller Skates by Steel Pulse:

Far Far by Yael Naim:

Anti Matter by NERD:


  1. I have to say Yael Naim is one of my favourites at one point in time and I was completely obsessed with Levater even though I had no clue what it means!

  2. This is the first song I've heard from her, but her voice is fantastic. I just looked up Levater and I can see why you liked it so much!