Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to make a Ringleader Jacket


As with all costumes and DIY, this is simply one way to make a ringleader jacket. There are many different approaches one can take, but this is what worked for me.

Ringleader Jacket


Red jacket
Gold fringe
Variety of gold trimmings
Glitter paint
Card stock
Glue gun


1. To start off you need a red jacket. Luckily blazers is one of the places thrift stores really shine. I ended up buying mine ($8) in a larger size because it was longer and I was hoping to add coattails to my jacket. Unfortunately that didn't work out. I used another one of my jackets for reference and brought the thrift store blazer in on the sides and shortened the sleeves. If you buy a jacket that fits well you can avoid this step.


2. After you have your jacket, you're gonna want to get a variety of different gold trimmings. I decided on some gold fringe, gold rick rack, gold rope, and this gold chain type trim. What you get is entirely up to you though.


3. In order to make the shoulder pieces I cut my card stock in an oval like shape with one end flattened (the end that will be under the collar). Then I simply covered the card stock with some of the extra red fabric I had from step one. Then I simple hot-glued some of the rope to the pieces and added gold fringe along the out rim. To make it look a little more finished I used some glitter paint to fill in the middle. I added a popsicle stick for extra stability.


4. At this point I started gluing the gold chain-like trim to the jacket. I also added a row of rick rack in the middle. I did this to both sides.


5. Lastly, you want to glue the shoulder pieces to the jacket. I found it was easiest to use my plastic container to get the should flat, but I'm sure a table corner would work just as well.


And that's it!


This obviously isn't my entire costume, but I actually think the jacket goes well with my dress. You could also add some rick rack to the sleeves at the end, but I'm pretty happy with my jacket the way it is.

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